Computing is now an integral part of our lives. It is important that our pupils are given the opportunity to learn about Computing and how it can be used appropriately in their everyday lives now and after they leave us. The Computing Department provides a broad and differentiated curriculum to ensure progression through the Key Stages.

Key Stage 3
The curriculum covers three areas:

Digital Literacy
Having the skills, knowledge and understanding to use ICT as a tool for learning.

Understanding how the computer works, how to correctly use file and folder structures, naming files and troubleshooting basic problems with Computing.

Understand wider issues about the impact of Computing on society and the need to be safe online.

Computer Studies
Being able to sequence instructions to create an outcome. Using different programming techniques to control external devices as well as events on the computer.

Key Stage 4 Computing
In Key Stage 4 pupils can opt for the OCR Entry Level Certificate in Computer Science.

The course covers three areas:

Computer Systems
Computer hardware, software, memory and storage
Moral, legal and environmental concerns
Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming
Computational logic
Programming Project
Programming techniques
Data representation 

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