About Us

Samuel Cody covers the catchment area of Rushmoor & Hart.  We also have pupils from other boroughs and those who join us from across the County borders.  All pupils must have an Education Health Care Plan.

Our school welcomes a wide range of special needs.  In the secondary department we operate a full secondary timetable and stress the importance of all round learning.  All pupils have strengths which we seek to challenge to the highest levels whilst at the same time supporting things youngsters are not so strong at.

Our primary department aims to give primary age children the support and encouragement to develop their emerging learning skills alongside social development.

A firm belief that children learn by doing, seeing, feeling, hearing as well as the traditional methods is central to the provision at Samuel Cody.  Safe, secure and happy children learn and to this end we value and respect the worth of everyone in our school.

School Day Secondary                                                        School Day Primary  

8.50 Registration                                                                                   8.50 Registration
8.55 Lesson 1                                                                                        8.55 Lesson time
9.40 Lesson 2                                                                                       10.00 Play
10.20 Break                                                                                          10.20 Snack & circle time
10.35 Lesson 3                                                                                     10.40 Lesson time
11.20 Lesson 4                                                                                     12.30 Lunch
12.00 Lunch                                                                                            1.00 Lesson time
12.30 Lesson 5                                                                                        2.45 School ends
1.15 Lesson 6
2.00 Lesson 7
2.45 School ends

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