Home School Link Worker

Sarah Sanders – Home School Link Worker

My role is to offer support to parents/carers and families within the school, in partnership with agencies such as Children’s Services, Educational Psychologists, School Health and Police.

I Support families pro-actively with attendance, parenting and behaviour issues as well as general concerns that may arise in and out of school. I am able to provide students with one off support, referral to the Pastoral Support Worker or outside agencies where appropriate.

In addition I will be introducing a new system called ‘Touch Base Time’ where students can access my support by way of a drop in session for one off issues. If I am not available there will be slips on my desk for the student, teacher/LSA to complete and on my return I will endeavour to see the student as soon as I am able.

You can contact me on: 01252 514194 ext 03 or email:

Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support 

At Samuel Cody we promote positive mental health & wellbeing by assisting students, who are struggling with issues and problems they may not be able to work through on their own. We offer ELSA, (Emotional Literacy Support Assistance).

ELSA is usually a 6 week intervention designed to support the student with specific difficulties such as social skills, friendships and relationships, anger management, loss and change and self-organisation.

Please contact Sarah Sanders or Michelle Barbrook for any help or advice

Sarah Sanders, Home School Link Worker .  Email

Michelle Barbrook, Senior Mental Health and Pastoral Lead. Email