Careers Education and Guidance and Samuel Cody

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Careers Lead: Matthew Jenkins, Assistant Headteacher.  Please contact 01252 514194

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This document sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school
for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer. This complies with
the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.


Year 11 Engagement programme with parentsCareers Interviews 1 to 1
Developing me - whole week of activities including 3 day residential, mock interviews
1 day per week work placement
College applications
Timetable of activities/events
Visit by NatWest Bank
College Applications
College visits
Leavers Days Awards
School Prom
Year 10
Engagement programme with parents
Transition to KS4
Developing coping strategies
PE Option Group - Surrey University, Sports Facilities provision
2nd Mock interviews with Employers
Visit by NatWest Bank (Maths)
LMI Pupils/Parents
Explore different types of jobs linked to curriculum choices eg media/photography
Careers interviews parents/pupils skills for employment and career progression - The Journey to your Career
Experiences of work for appropriate pupils
Year 9
Engagement programme with parents
Relationships and sex education
Considering skills of different jobs
Understanding Careers and future aspirations
Identifying strengths, interests and personalities
Whats your Job?
Option choices/How do we make good choices
Challenging career sterotypes and raising aspiration
Enterprise Challenge
Mock Interviews
Year 8
Engagement programme with parents
Budgetting money
Risks and consequences when making financial decisions
Making ethical financial decisions
Crime and the Law (roles and careers in the justice system)
Visit Metro Bank
Rights and responsibilities in the Community
Developing Self esteem and friendship
STEM activity
Managing Peer Pressure
Year 7
Engagement programme with parents
PSD transition - Managing Friendships, Diversity and Prejudice
Christmas Party (KS4 HE Option & HC3S)
Autumn 1/2
STEM Activity
Jobs in health - first aid and personal safety inside and outside the home
Spring 1/2
Dealing with sexism, disability, discrimination, promoting human rights (send my friend to school campaign)
Summer 1/2
Additional Information

  • Samuel Cody is currently using the standard Gatsby benchmarks but will be looking to incorporate the SEND benchmarks where appropriate.
  • The school has its own bespoke interactive website Career Companion.  Click to enter website Career Companion
  • Pupils have access to impartial Careers and Guidance which is provided by Hampshire Futures.
  • Pupils have access to the full range of Post 16 pathways and are supported to make appropriate choices
  • Pupils are supported at all ages and stages by a range of activities that ensure they meet the required ‘7 encounters with employers’
  • This is supported by Aspire Defence UK, Sodexo, Zurich, Gavin Jones, Zurich Insurance, Rushmoor Borough Council and Serco
  • The school is also developing links with HEON (FCOT)
  • Samuel Cody School will measure and assess the impact of their Careers Policy programme on the pupils by surveying its stakeholders about the outcomes.  Surveys are regularly carried out on its pupils and parents, school staff and employers
  • Data is shared on a regular basis
  • The school regularly reviews its careers and guidance provision every Summer (June/July).  There is an interim review of the Careers and Guidance contract (Hampshire Futures in the Spring Term)

Careers & Guidance Curriculum Statement