Anti Bullying

“Pupils enjoy school and behave well in lessons and around the school”.

Ofsted November 2017

We believe that prevention is better than cure and staff are vigilant in looking for signs of bullying and always take reports of incidents seriously.

Awareness of bullying issues are raised through the curriculum to reinforce and support the school ethos.

We believe that procedures for tackling bullying are far more effective when the ‘whole school community’ adopts them.  We embrace a whole school approach to dealing with bullying where governors, senior managers, teachers, support staff, ancillary workers, parents/carers and the children themselves, work together to develop a positive school culture which openly disapproves of bullying.

The school actively seeks to promote a ‘telling’ environment where pupils are encouraged to speak out for themselves without fear of making the matter worse.  Pupils are told that they must report any incidence of bullying to an adult within the school. If another pupil sees bullying taking place it is their responsibility to report their knowledge to a member of staff.

If pupils do not feel confident in talking to an adult face to face, they are encouraged to voice their concerns through the school council, message boxes on reception and in the library.

The school will provide ‘Safe Places’ for vulnerable children. These children will know that they have safe and secure areas to go, if needed, with a member of staff in attendance.

All forms of bullying are treated extremely seriously.  The Samuel Cody School commits itself to a programme of prevention and to prompt investigation and effective action when such incidents occur.

Anti Bullying Policy