Cody Hill

Cody Hill ASD Centre is a Local authority provision. It is a joint venture between Samuel Cody School and Fernhill School. The Cody Hill building is situated on the Samuel Cody site with a small resourced base at Fernhill School.

The Cody Hill Centre provides education for high-functioning ASC youngsters. It benefits from its unique position of providing mainstream education with Fernhill School and specialist provision from Samuel Cody. Each student allocated a space at the Cody Hill ASD Centre will therefore have a completely unique programme tailored to their own individual needs.

Placement at the Resource is arranged through the Local Authority. The resource staff team are experienced in Autism awareness, sensory issues, emotional literacy and training is kept current. The staff team comprises of two full time teachers and up to 12 teaching assistants.

The facilities include a fully fitted kitchen for the teaching of life skills; a classroom area comprised of individual learning stations with computer desks, a social area with comfy sofas, bean bags, a TV and games console and tables for social times; a quiet room and toilet facilities for the exclusive use of students placed in the resource; and a private enclosed garden for therapy and enjoyment.
The resource is very much an integral part of both schools and staff work in close co-operation with parents as well as with the existing pastoral structure within the schools.
On placement decision and transition, students are assessed and support is then targeted depending on need with an emphasis on promoting independence in learning and life skills. A key part of the support offered to students is at break and lunch times where students are encouraged to socialise with each other and to join school activities.

There is an on-going programme of social and life skills teaching including emotional literacy, speech and language and music therapy, Integrative arts therapy, Occupational Therapy and gardening as therapy. The resource offers students an opportunity to develop skills in a supportive environment enabling them to reach their academic and emotional potential.