Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools by the government to support disadvantaged students such as those receiving Free School Meals, Service Children and young people in Care. We have received a Pupil Premium Budget of £58625 for the period April 2018 to March 2019.

Below are our plans for how we intend to spend this money to support our Pupil Premium students to make the best possible progress both academically and in their personal development.

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Year 7 Catch Up Funding – Allocation for 2018/19 £8769.00

This allocation relates to 25 pupils.

Provide 10 Acer laptops to support Year pupils within English – Cost £3008.70
* Pupils able to individually read work
* Use as personal desktop aids during whole class lessons
* Private research support for biographies
* Individual literacy intervention programmes

Provide additional 0.3 LSA to provide support for Maths sessions for most needy group – Cost £4000
* Lowest ability pupils have access to additional 1 to 1 support with Maths lessons allowing for 1 to 1 intervention

Purchase of additional library reading books related to Year 7 interest topics – Cost £900
* Encourage reading for pleasure in break times, lunch breaks and Reading Passport Scheme
* Reading ages increasing

Provide 2 x Ipad 9.7s with case, keyboard and relevant apps for two VI pupils – Cost £863.00
* VI pupils have full access to school curriculum offer

For the 2017/18 academic year we received £10231 and used this funding to:

  • Purchase books that relate to the particular interests of our current year 7 learners
  • Provide additional input from an independent speech and language therapist
  • Provide additional staff support for 1:1 sessions for English and Maths where required
  • Provide 5 ipads for learners

How will we measure the impact of this expenditure?:

We will evaluate the impact by measuring;

  • the use of books for pleasure and finding things out
  • the number and range of topics that some of the young people can talk about
  • individual progress against communication and literacy targets
  • levels of concentration, engagement and attention where there are significant
  • individual self-esteem and confidence when trying new things


  • 8 pupils achieved reading age increases to ceiling of test
  • Reading Age Scores increased by average of 9 months over one year
  • Withdraw support across curriculum for 28 pupils in both English and Maths
  • 85% Year 7 joined and achieved a prize on Reading Passport Scheme


PE & Sport Premium Sum 2019/2020 £16230.90

  • To develop physical skills via multi-skills curriculum for all Primary pupils
Sports Hall Pentathlon Kit £1194
Get Set Go – Porthole Parachute Play Pack £    84
Get Set Go – Sensory Pack £ 172
Get Set Go – Little Ball Pack £   71.06

Summer Term 2020

Year 6    7 x pupils to build upon swimming skills developed during Year 5 compulsory provision programme

                                               Part payment/Teacher costs      £145

Summer 2019

4/4 Year 6 pupils able to swim 25m

3/4 Year 6 pupils able to swim more than one stroke

0/4 Year 6 pupils are able to perform self-safe rescue in different water based situations

All Year 5 pupils will have swimming lessons in Summer Term