Design Technology Intent

Design technology at Samuel Cody School, aims to encourage children to become creative problem solvers as individuals and as part of a team.  Through the study of DT, children will combine practical skills with those of life skills that can better prepare them for the world.


Design Technology is taught as an integral part of the Early Year foundation stage under ‘knowledge and understanding of the world.  In EYFS there is an emphasis on basic skills such as cutting, sticking and construction play.  This is taught across all areas of the curriculum.

KS1 and 2

In KS1, Design technology is taught as part of topic lessons and linked, where possible to the half termly topics which provide relevant contexts for the children.  Through a variety of creative and practical activities, children are taught the skills needed to make purposeful products.  There is an emphasis on using a wider range of materials and ingredients.  Support is given where needed so that children can access the lessons.

Once in KS2, children are taught to research the products first and then design them.  There is a greater emphasis on more complex designs and on technical knowledge and understanding.  During DT projects, the children will be encouraged to design, make and then evaluate their designs.


Children at Samuel Cody are taught food preparation across the curriculum and as part of developing life skills.  The children are taught basic food preparation skills, where their food comes from and the principles of a healthy and varied diet.  They are also able to grow some of their own food in the school grounds which they can then clean, prepare and eat.