PE at Samuel Cody Primary


Our pupils in EYFS begin their learning experience in PE lessons by developing their balancing and co-ordination skills. They practise climbing, running, throwing and catching whilst playing throughout the day and in weekly PE lessons which are more structured. They will learn to move to music and try to copy balances and movement for gymnastics. We aim to offer a wide range of physical activities for our pupils to regularly be active and improve the control that they have over their bodies.

In Key Stage One we continue to build on their core skills and challenge all pupils at their own individual levels. We aim to support children with these multi-skills so that they can access simple games and begin to follow rules, which develops their social skills too. The accuracy and control which the pupils have will improve and they will be encouraged to be more independent. Children will practise dancing to music, completing simple balances and practise striking games. They will have the opportunity to use soft play gym equipment to practise travelling and jumping.

Our Key Stage Two pupils will continue to develop at the level which they are physically able. The biggest progression at this stage is the expectations of independence and responsibilities to try and set up equipment and take on some leadership roles. Children will begin to learn small routines in dance and gymnastics and they will learn which rules apply to team games such as basketball and football. They will have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons which will help them to be safe around the water and teach them to float and use key swimming strokes.

Throughout these key stages it will be an integral part for pupils to develop their social skills and understanding of the rules of games and winning or losing. Pupils will be exposed to these experiences and supported to learn these important gamesmanship skills. Alongside this, individual pupils with work on personalised Occupational Therapy plans where necessary, to build up their strength, co-ordination and balance which will allow them to access their weekly PE sessions.