Drama at Samuel Cody is a highly valued activity.  The pupils have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills which can be generalised into their everyday lives.  They have one lesson of drama per week in the lower school and the opportunity to follow exam accreditated courses in Key Stage 4.  This has helped foster a wide range of talent in the school which is regularly demonstrated in the school productions that have been staged.

The school has a huge commitment towards supporting the ‘Shakespeare for Schools’ Festival which has led to a range of interpretations of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.  We are currently planning our next performance of The Merchant of Venice for staging in November.

In addition, the school stages a summer show which showcases the talent of its pupils and staff ‘Cody’s Got Talent’.  This creates a great deal of interest and excitement.  We have a strong tradition of working with Shuffles Dance Studio.  Royston and Karen provide support both as judges and as choreographers.   The department is also grateful for the support from Starburst Theatre Company who make costumes available for the pupils to wear.  This has greatly enhanced the diversity of our performances.

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