Maths is an area of great interest at Samuel Cody. Our pupils enjoy the challenge of Maths for several reasons. One is that there is immediate feedback for pupils on tasks and this provides a framework for rapid growth because mistakes or misconceptions are quickly remedied and confidence can be built both in the short term and long term. Another reason why Maths is popular is that it has an endless number of real world applications for our pupils.

Staff constantly focus on how Maths can relate to pupils and the world around them. In Key Stage 3 we follow the National Curriculum while at the same time focus on Basic Skills as these are the building blocks for growth. In Key Stage 4 we provide GCSE (Foundation) Maths as well as Entry Level Maths. In this way we provide options to maximise pupil progress.

Samuel Cody is strong in Maths and our pupils enjoy the challenge of pushing their intellectual skills.


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