With so much happening in the Music room there is sure to be something for everyone!

In our lessons we usually do projects based on a specific style or theme.

  • We listen to music using that style and learn what makes it sound unique.
  • We compose music using the main features of that style.
  • We also learn to play pieces – sometimes as the whole class together, sometimes in pairs and sometimes individually.  We play on keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, drums and all sort of other percussion instruments.  We have even got computer software that helps us to play or to make up our own music.

As well as our lessons there is Music Club after school where we choose our own favourite pieces to learn or try to get better at playing a favourite instrument.

Every summer we put on a big concert in which nearly every pupil takes part.

Sometimes we have visiting musicians come in to school to do special projects.  We have had Japanese drummers, Carribbean Steel Pans and Indonesian Gamelan workshops in the past year.


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