Photography – Year 10 & 11 Option Choice

 This two-year course will give you the opportunity to achieve an

Entry Level or GCSE qualification in digital photography.

If you are creative and imaginative, with lots of ideas you will enjoy photography.

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What have I got to do? 

Throughout year 10 and 11 you will build a coursework portfolio and learn to:

  • Analyse and write about artists work to inspire your own ideas,
  • Develop your drawing and written skills to explain your ideas, meanings and intentions,
  • Use specialist vocabulary to review your images,
  • Investigate a range of genres such as landscape, portraits and macro,
  • Use photographic techniques such as slow shutter speeds to show movement,
  • Manipulate and edit images using Serif,
  • Create an image considering depth of field, rule of thirds and the formal elements.

The portfolio is 60% of the final grade. The remaining 40% is achieved through a 10 hour exam set by the exam board.

Year group 

Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 



Entry level/ GCSE Art & Design/ Photography OCR: Portraiture.

Introduction to the course.

Introduction to traditional portraits.

Learning how to analyse and develop a response to the work of an artist.

Understanding the importance of having an intention for every shoot.

Experimenting with light and camera settings to create mood.

Self Portrait Project: CD Cover.

Learning how to research and respond to artists & photographers – Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol.

Learning how to review own work.

Experimenting with technique, media and process.

Refining ideas using photo editing techniques in Photoshop.

Researching and adding typography to CD covers.

Landscape: Minimiam.

Introduction to Landscape.

Researching and responding to Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida.

Reviewing and refining ideas as work progresses.

Embedding and ongoing experimentation with techniques, media and processes.




GCSE Exam Paper set by OCR.

Introduction to exam themes.

Researching and responding to artists.

Developing an intention.

Exam Paper set by OCR.

Exploring and experimenting with ideas for exam. Developing ideas by reviewing and refining work as it progresses.

Exam Paper set by OCR.

Practising and refining ideas for exam pieces.

Exam Paper set by OCR.

Sit 10 hour exam to complete final piece.

Mount all work for moderation.



Click here Photography Department Curriculum Statement

Click here Photography Department Long Term Plan