The Modern Languages Department follows the Hansow Special scheme of work in Key Stage 3

Year 7 

Module 1 = Here I am [greetings, numbers, colours]

Module 2 = Talking about people [family, friends, pets]

Module 3 = At School [subjects, rooms, timetable]

Year 8

Module 4 = Where we live [places, homes, furniture]

Module 5 = A visit to France [transport, shopping, French Café]

Module 6 = At home [hobbies, meals, who does what]

Year 9

Module 7 = Looking after a visitor [local facilities, the town]

Module 8 = Enjoying life [sports and pastimes]

Module 9 = Being a teenager [clothes, holidays]


Pupils in Key Stage 4, who choose this subject as an option, study French as a Modern Foreign Language. During the two year course pupils experience, understand and respond to language related to the following areas:

A: Home and local area

B: Health and sport

C: Leisure and entertainment

D: Travel and the wider world

E: Education and work

There is no final examination. Assessment is school based and is carried out when pupils reach the end of each module, between the Autumn Term of Year 10 and the Summer Term of Year 11. Pupils are assessed in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Throughout key stage 4 pupils work towards attainment of AQA Unit Awards at a level appropriate to their individual French skills.